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[Q] F9 Menu Script Assistance   [Q]

By: GoSlow2GoFast     RI  
Date: Aug 25,2022 at 18:24
In Response to: [Q] F9 Menu Script Assistance (Dan LeGate)

Yes. A couple of things to look at that might help...

Per the documentation:

REM #ZTTag filename [-a] [-s] [-uq] [-CA|-CO] [-f%parameter string]
Generate a text file with the specified filename
containing the set of tagged files in the current open
File Window. By default the %1 Batch parameter is used
to generate each line of the file (it does not need to be
specified). If the full path to the generated filename
is not specified, it will be created in the current
directory. The optional parameters are:
-a - Append to file, rather than overwrite.
-s - Use a space to delimit the generated strings
rather than CR/LF.
-uq - Prevent quotes being added to filenames
-CA - output filenames using the ANSI charset
-CO - output filenames using the OEM charset (default)
-f - Use the specified string and Batch parameters
rather than %1 for each line. (If used, this
parameter must be last on the #ZTTag line).
Example 1 - This performs the first operation (Op #1) on all tagged
files, then performs the second operation on the same files:
REM #ZTTag #ZTTemp\~ZTTag.bat -fECHO Op #1 on tagged file %1
REM #ZTTag #ZTTemp\~ZTTag.bat -a -fECHO Op #2 on tagged file %1
CALL #ZTTemp\~ZTTag.bat
Example 2 - This uses a recursion technique to perform the both
operations together on all tagged files:
IF [%%1]==[NEXT] GOTO Next
CALL #ZTTemp\~ZTTag.bat
ECHO Op #1 on tagged file %%2
ECHO Op #2 on tagged file %%2

Other examples:

http://vujnovic.free.fr/ztw/ztw_menu.html (scroll down to the ZTTag section / examples)


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