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[Discuss] Display file size in bytes in file view ?   [Discuss]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Dec 21,2022 at 15:07
In Response to: [Discuss] Display file size in bytes in file view ? (Laurent Duchastel)

> Since we can adjust the length of the file extension displayed
> (Shift-Left/Right arrow), I thought I could similarly do the same with
> the length if the file size displayed, but it seems not.
> You can only see size in bytes in the stats panel.
> Could anyone confirm?
> What do you think of it?


To my knowledge there is no way to adjust the file window size column, searching the help file doesn't find anyway to control it, including looking in "4. Quick Command Table".

Alt-Info shows a wider field for size, but you can already see that in the stats panel.

The two Alt-Filedisplay toggles that have a size column, set the column to 12 characters and the squeezing algorithm is using the ISO and IEEE multipliers if needed, which is what you are seeing.
Comment: 12 seems like an odd choice of width because 11 is the maximum realistic width, because the first character would be a comer at 12 wide, so would be dropped i.e. ",999,999,999" becomes "999,999,999".
If in 80 column with split enabled, then the size column is 9 characters, again with a spare padding space.

In the stats panel, the Bytes row squeezing algorithm, reduces the characters in the Bytes label, which gives you up to 99T before having to do something else, which I think is drop comers, then possibly use ISO and IEEE multipliers.

There is my old Alt-Filedisplay ZEP post https://www.ztw3.com/forum/forum_entry.php?id=58373, which would allow you to control the width of the size column, but that would break macros and peoples keyboard memory, because Alt-F would switch from a toggle to a menu.
As that ZEP hasn't been implemented yet (only 18 years old), I expect it will never be done.

So how else to help your use case?
Possibly new/modified configuration option(s), 1. To control the file window size squeezing algorithm drop comers before using multipliers, 2. How wide the size column is, space permitting.
Or a new toggle item in the Alt-Filedisplay cycle, which takes advantage of the wider consoles i.e. name, ext, wide size (19 which will allow the max NTFS file size), wide attributes (from Alt-Info), date/time (with milli seconds) , when in a narrow console, then use a squeezing algorithm.



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