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[ZEP] Copy to use the Unicode syntax   [ZEP]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Dec 26,2022 at 17:22

I have been investigating the implications of "resizing window via dragging frame edge ", so I have been pushing the limits, I will post separately regarding those findings.

GetVolumeInformation lpMaximumComponentLength is 255 on NTFS, i.e. the max file/directory name is 255 chars
ZTree is UNICODE, and in many places uses the \\?\ Unicode syntax to manage files.

Then this works
In a directory that has a path length of 48
Accessing (reading) a filename in that directory that is 255 characters long (with path 304 characters), succeeds, so the UNICODE API must be in use.

But using ZTree to copy a file in that directory with name length=200 (with path 249, i.e. below MAX_PATH) to a name that causes MAX_PATH to be exceeded, causes the copy command to fail, so I presume that the Windows API is being used for that function.

The ZTree copy file command to use the UNICODE syntax, so that copies to destinations that are greater than MAX_PATH succeed.

Could the reason for the use of the Windows API, be to get the progress bar feedback?



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