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New bug and updates: Long path support   [Zeta]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Jan 19,2023 at 00:24
In Response to: [Zeta] v2.4.207 Now Available! (Kim Henkel)

Following on from "Bug and ZEP: Long path support" https://www.ztw3.com/forum/forum_entry.php?id=124294
It looks like some work has been done, but not documented in the change log, so I do some testing

New Bug: after working on files with paths over 512, all of a sudden the background becomes the F9 background colour excluding directories with the hidden attribute, and you cannot see which directory has the highlight, the right hand pane directory ordinal is updated on the left hand pane plus some other weirdness’s.
One occurrence was after copying a file w/path 641 to w/path 643
These don't fix it: eXecute, F9, Alt-F10, Alt-F7/F8/F9, resize by frame
Alt-F6 improves things, but doesn't fix the DW highlight missing issue.
I had an occurrencee of Alt-Down causing a ZTree crash.
I had to close and reopen ZTree to get if to draw correctly.

Re-checking the previously reported issues

ZEP: Maybe ZTree could have a new larger buffer size for directory related things, which could dramatically increase the path length limit.
I can now copy a file to a directory w/path of 643
Alt-Info, open, view work on a file w/path of 696
What is the new path length limit?

Bug: Directories with paths over 402 chars are not remembered when tabbing between panes, probably the old input line limit constant being used somewhere.
Still occurring

Docs: It would be good if the help file had a list of the various ZTree limits, and some of the Windows limits.
Docs: Because of the possible problems when working with long paths, it would be good if there was a ZTree help Docs: In ZTW.HLP line 1859 has "NOTE: Input lines are limited to a maximum of 512 characters.", whereas line 7363 has "length of the input line, which is 255 characters.", I presume line 7363 needs to be updated.
ZTW.HLP is still dated 12 Dec 2022, so I presume not done

ZEP: ZTree should warn if the target filename is longer than GetVolumeInformation() lpMaximumComponentLength, 255 on NTFS.
Still getting "Error: [123] Invalid Name" if I rename beyond 255
Having a specific "name too long" error would be good.

For these, I need to find the new limit, so that I can properly test
ZEP: ZTree should warn if the path is/will be over the ZTree internal limit.
ZEP: Misleading error messages when creating directories, copying files and accessing (Alt-Info), etc. beyond ZTree's path (input line) length limit. It would be better if there were ZTree specific messages to let you know that you have hit ZTree's limits.
ZEP: Maybe ZTree could have a new larger buffer size for directory related things, which could dramatically increase the path length limit.
Bug: There are some edge cases with paths around 512, you can create a directory with a path of 513, if you try to copy a file to that directory, the "to" field is truncated to 512 because of the input line limit, so you get a directory not found message.



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