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Some fixes, new Bug: Resizing window via dragging frame edge   [Zeta]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Jan 19,2023 at 00:46
In Response to: [Zeta] v2.4.207 Now Available! (Kim Henkel)

Some fixes, new Bug: Resizing window via dragging frame edge

* Fixed - Windows 11 Terminal support to resize on startup to window size
I didn't see any issues with that, but it was only a short testing session and I don't know what the reported issue was.
Some more regarding Terminal below

* Added - Experimental support for resizing window via dragging frame edge

Referring to "Bug and ZEP: Resizing window via dragging frame edge - more comments" https://www.ztw3.com/forum/forum_entry.php?id=124295

[Bug] F9 application menu: If Rows>199, and F9 items>199, and F9 remembered application menu item is on the last line, then crash on opening the menu.

[Bug] ZTree crash if number of rows is over 211

New Bug: Over ~210 rows, resizing by frame the console snaps to ~210 rows, but ZTree thinks the console has up to 250 rows, so you don't see the bottom of the SFW and the menu area is missing.
Alt-F9 shows similar issues.

[Comment] ZTree crashes are more likely on resize by frame using the corner, far fewer crashes when resizing using the sides
Still happening, when reducing the size using the corner

[Discuss] Odd number of columns is allowed
It looks like an even number of columns is now enforced when resizing by frame, so the decision has been made for how to handle that.
But only when running under Console, under Terminal odd columns is still allowed.

[Bug] Right hand pane/stats panel border issues.
Mostly Fixed: The right hand pane/Stats panel redraw issues are now improved, no differences when you tab between panes and switch between right hand DW and SFW.

BUT: With Shift-F8 Statistics=Current, there is a "gap" character at the end of the right hand pane. It might be better to use the spare character to make the stats window one character wider, or put a gap character between the left and right hand panes.

[ZEP] Vertical scrollbar causes reduction in width by three columns when reducing the size

[ZEP] Fractional right-hand character with debris
Still occurring
I don't know if it would be possible to snap the console to a whole number of characters wide.

[ZEP] It would be good if a screen draw automatically happened after releasing the mouse when resizing by frame
Not implemented yet.
I have noticed with v2.4.206 a number of occurrences when automatic resize and redraw happened, which is an usability improvement, when before v2.4.205 a manual Alt-F7 would have been needed.
But also a few cases where I did need to Alt-F7, with those there was no wrapping, so possibly a factor.

[Bug] on large consoles (I think wider than 512 characters), a copy of the left hand pane offset in the right pane, missing horizontal SFW dividers, Split screen, ...

[Bug] Exiting from eXecute, Exiting from Extended Statistics Window, F8, tab between panes, into and out of SFW

[ZEP] Alt-F7 will not make the ZTree part of the console wider than 512

Running under Terminal issues (many)
Alt-F8 and Alt-F9 just give the bell
still happening

Alt-F7 and F8 screen draw issues
only a short testing session, I had an occurrence of Alt-F7 causing the window to Maximize and then the screen drawing was messed up in a number of ways

Under terminal an odd number of columns is still allowed, so the right hand pane/stats panel border issues still occur

If ZTree is launched from Powershell Start-Process, the eXecute output is lost
still happening

Cmd, start ztw64.exe ...
Still shows the windows "Could not get window handle" popup


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