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[ZEP] Add to ZNOLOG.INI option   [ZEP]

By: Dan LeGate       
Date: Mar 14,2023 at 21:07

Hi all,

Wondering if this would be as useful to others as I think it might be.

When we run into "Access Denied" type errors when logging a drive or branch, Ztree currently presents 3 options:

1 - Cancel
2 - Retry
3 - Skip

I propose adding a new option:

4 - Add to ZNOLOG.INI

so that we don't have to go manually edit the file each time we have a new drive/branch that has a bunch of stuff we don't want to have to always Skip or Cancel on. Often on new systems or network drives, I run into this many tens, sometimes hundreds of times, and I'd LOVE a way of just adding these folders so it doesn't stop logging the drive every time I re-log the branch.

I often end up Alt-Space, Mark, Copy the Path, Quit Ztree, Edit ZNOLOG.INI adding the path, restart Ztree to verify logging works with the new ZNOLOG.INI loaded and then hit another directory with an issue and repeat, which is very time consuming.

Perhaps prompting for pathname edits before saving, for instance:


would auto-fill, but I may want to delete it back to:


knowing I don't need anything under that parent directory.

Thoughts? Would it be useful? Do you all have better methods of accomplishing this?




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