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Fixes and outstanding issues, long paths, dragging frame edge   [Zeta]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Mar 16,2023 at 23:11
In Response to: [Zeta] v2.4.209 Now Available! (Kim Henkel)

o. ZLog file loading
I had to rename my zlog file to get ZTree to load
A fresh zlog file does work.
when 2.4.210 is released, I can revert to the 2.4.208 copy and test

o. Reported version number

These all report, thanks
(Get-Item 'C:\Program Files\ZTree Windows\ZTW64.EXE').VersionInfo.FileVersion
(Get-Item 'C:\Program Files\ZTree Windows\ZTW64.EXE').VersionInfo.FileVersionRaw.tostring()
(Get-Item 'C:\Program Files\ZTree Windows\ZTW64.EXE').VersionInfo.productversion
(Get-Item 'C:\Program Files\ZTree Windows\ZTW64.EXE').VersionInfo.productversionraw.tostring()

o. Added - Experimental support for resizing window via dragging frame edge
Resize by corner making smaller, tried multiple times, no crashes, good
Still can get fractional right and bottom characters, probably expected but no debris, good

In F8 split mode with Shift-F8=Current
Still getting the gap character in the right hand edge of the RH DW
I would prefer it between the panes, or make the stats window one char wider

It would be good if a screen draw automatically happened after releasing the mouse when resizing by frame
Implemented, thanks

Even columns are not forced like they are under console

Alt-F8 and Alt-F9 just give the bell
still happening

Alt-F7 and F8 screen draw issues
Alt-F7 causes weird screen draw issues, particularly on the right hand pane of split.
Toggling back with Alt-F7, gets back to a working condition.
still happening

If ZTree is launched from Powershell Start-Process, the eXecute output is lost
still happening

Alt-F7 causes maximise, so then you end up with ZTree using a percentage of the maximised terminal
I saw that with Start-Process
still happening

Cmd, start ztw64.exe ... "Could not get window handle" popup
still happening

o. Change- Increased MAXCOL/ZMAX_PATH from 512 to 1024
I can see the updated help file updates
As requested before, it would be good if there was a limits section and a workarounds for deep paths section in the help file.
Maybe I should write it, ask John to review and then submit to Kim.

Searching the help file
"255" 3.8.4 Viewer Searching: Search strings may be up to 255 characters in length. Is that the correct limit?
"400" no hits
"512" no hits

o. Long path support

Ignoring for now ZTree's handling of files and directories created by other applications with paths over 1024.

Some improvements
But still problems near or at ZMAX_PATH+1

highlight a 1024 with path directory
enable Split mode
Highlight is remembered when tabbing between the panes
An improvement from the previous versions

Up a level to a 1015 with path directory
Small file window
In that directory there is a 1024 with path file
Alt-Info works, good

Rename the file to 1025 with path
Issue: There is a boundary/out by one error, as max path is meant to be 1024 and I renamed a file to 1025
Highlight changes to a lighter blue than the background
Escape to the directory window, the corruption moves to the directory window
Issue: Have to Alt-F6 to mono to get ZTree to be useable
Issue: But tabbing to the other pane doesn't work, I had to F8 twice
Try and rename the file to 1026 with path, get "Error: Invalid filename - too long", expected
Issue: Alt-Info on a 1025 with path file, makes the info panel the full height of the DW/SFW windows, but no content
Issue: view the 1025 with path file, crash
Copy the 1025 with path file to a 1024 with path file, "Error: [123] Invalid Name", I guess something about the source file

Rename the file to 1022 with path
Copy to 1021 with path
Issue: The SFW has what looks like part of the all logged files list, with the source file highlighted
Issue: Tab to opposite pane, ZTree stops responding and something’s is consuming 2 CPU's and but not shown in the details pane of Task Manager, I used the X to close ZTree
Why problems below ZMAX_PATH?

Rename the 1024 with path directory to 1025
Issue: There is a boundary/out by one error, as max path is meant to be 1024 and I renamed to 1025
F8 to enable split
Highlight the 1015 with path directory in both panes
Tabbing between panes works, as above
LH RH Comment
1025 1015 Issue: tabbing left to right causes the highlight to jump to the root in the RH pane
1025 1015 Issue: tabbing right to left crash, but could be a side effect of the jump to root
1015 1025 Can tab between panes, why the different behaviour between directions?
Before I have seen LH jump one level up, and RH jump to root

Checking my notes
DW F5 toggle can cause ZTree to crash when there are deep child dirs

With a longPathAware=true app, eXecute app file, F9 app file, Open, ...
On a *.txt file, Open and eXecute notepad %1 work

eXecute: dir, dir %1, dir \\?\%1
Issue: lists the root, is that a windows or ZTree issue?
dir %1
get the expected result
dir \\?\%1
get the expected result



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