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Some fixes   [ZEP]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: May 12,2023 at 07:23
In Response to: Some fixes (Kim Henkel)

> > [Issue] ztwerr.log Corrupted/miss-formed error 121 line
> Fixed.

> > [ZEP] ztwerr.log 433 error not logged
> Fixed.

> > [issue] Too many retries on Error 3, Path not found
> > %Temp%\ZTMP000\ztwerr.log
> > 07-05-2023 08:11:35 : Path not found [3] (S) : d:\path
> >
> > I had an instance where there were 1668 entries in the log file over
> > 2 seconds.
> Is the same target file with error [3] 1668 times in a row?
> Or it may be that target path was being checked for 1668 files and it
> failed every time, but auto-responded with (S)kip (skip same error on
> next file).

The log lines were for one directory (error 3 is directory not found), no filename in the log for that block of errors, I guess because of the USB reset the drive disappeared for a while. Maybe ZTree checks the Alt-Copy root dir between each file, and logged the directory missing for each unprocessed file in the Alt-Copy list.
~45 seconds before the error=3 lines, there was a "I/O device error [1117] (S)", I don't know if it was related or not.
Why doesn't error 3 cause the error popup dialog?

> > Could the file copy semaphore timeout be increased/configured?
> Not sure how to change that.
> Do you use /API? it's probably better than internal copy function in
> these scenarios.

No /API in use here.
I suspected that you didn't have access to control that timer. So we will have to handle at the error dialog level.

> > Could ZTree be configured to retry once after the error popup timeout
> > for some errors, particularly 121? If the first retry fails then
> skip.
> > Could the error popup timeout be configured, possibly by error
> number?
> Might be a bit tricky to configure, but a single option that covers the
> common errors in these situations would be reasonable.

I expected that controlling the timeouts would lead to a messy UI.
As there are already timeout CO-6T and action CO-6U configuration options (my update post), the only bit that is missing is a way to configure X retries before switching to skip.

What is the difference between CO-6U Skip and Next?
I don't see Next on file copy error popup’s. I guess Next appears on the error popup for other commands.
So would it make sense to merge into a single Skip/Next CO-6U option?

I have finished the bulk copy job. I might be able setup for test copy if you need.
And also test with /API.



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