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[Bug] Over ZMAX_PATH one fix, some new issues   [Zeta]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: May 13,2023 at 17:19
In Response to: [Zeta] v2.4.212 Now Available! (Kim Henkel)

> Change- Increased MAXCOL/ZMAX_PATH from 512 to 1024

I'm sure I stated this last time, but just in case
Logging directories over ZMAX_PATH, gives an "File/path name too long [206]" error, expected.
The directory is logged, but the contents are not, reasonable.
When tabbing between F8 split panes, the highlight jumps to the parent of the over ZMAX_PATH, expected, much better than the previous behaviour.

Checking on a path length 1271 directory

Ctrl-Ins, F2=text, F
Gives "Error: Invalid path\filename - too long [9991]"
Thanks for stopping the crash.

Alt-A, +R
[Bug] doesn't error, but the attributes do not get set, ZTree should either error or do the action.

gives "Error: [161] Bad Pathname", expected

New date
Gives "Error: [03] Path Not Found", expected
[Bug] And also I got highlight bar screen corruption, not as bad as the previously reported screen draw issues. Again Alt-F6 to mono returns function.

Checking on a path length 1271 file

Ctrl-Ins, F2=text, F
[Bug] Crashes ZTree so that hasn't been fixed.

[Bug] the "ATTRIBUTES for file:" line is badly formed, with the size attribs and date over part of the name.
[Bug] +R, doesn't error, the attribute display is updated in the small file window, but the attributes do not get set on the file, ZTree should either error or do the action.

gives "Error: [161] Bad Pathname", expected

gives "Error: Invalid filename - full path too long", expected

New date
gives "Error: [03] Path Not Found", expected
[Bug] Highlight bar changes colour to the "screen corruption" colour
[Bug] after a curor movemetn, the right hand pane becomes a sort of F7 view window, but with the size, attb, date in the left hand pane.
[Bug] Cursor to the over ZMAX_PATH file, ZTree crash

Normal F7
[Bug] cursor to the over ZMAX_PATH file, ZTree crash



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