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[Help!] Active Spell Search question   [Help!]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Jul 21,2023 at 10:59
In Response to: [Help!] Active Spell Search question (John Leslie)

> I wanted to go to a TEMP directory, but there are a lot of
> directories that start TEMP and using the : to add an extension gives
> TEMP*.* with the cursor places after the dot, not TEMP.*.
> Is there a way to do an exact match in active spell search other than
> giving up and changing to using the prompted spell search when you are
> getting too many answers?


Reading the help file, probably not.

You would need Shift-Del in active spell searech to delete the current character to get rid of the "*" before the "."
You could raise a ZEP for that.

The help file needs an update to state that Shift-Backspace can be used in active mode to delete the character to the left of the cursor.

Other ways
1. Prompted spell search
Then the *.* can be deleted.

2. Directory mode
Navigate to the parent of TEMP
s[W]itch to Directory mode
[F]ilter TEMP
Enter into the "file" window
The highlight should be on TEMP
s[W]itch to File mode

3. Macros
If it's a common action for you, you could create a F12 macro.

Using the prefix from active spell search

Including the filter in the macro

If you don't use macros for other things, then you can Alt-F12 to re-run the last mecro.



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