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[ZEP] Active spell search to support Shift-Del   [ZEP]

By: Kim Henkel     Riverview, FL  
Date: Jul 27,2023 at 17:43
In Response to: [ZEP] Active spell search to support Shift-Del (Ben Kent)

> I do use Shift-Left/Right to adjust the extension width, but I was
> assuming ZTree had switched modes to spell search, and so I was
> concentrating on the spell search string and not looking at the file
> window.

The whole point of Active spell search is that there is no change of 'mode' per say - just additional shift-letter support that is caught to set the search string, rather than do the normal dir/file command.
So there is no easy way to support both the existing extension width adjustment and the proposed search editing.
Given that '|' provides full editing capabilities already, this just seems like major feature creep, sorry.



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