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By: Ben Kent       
Date: Sep 03,2023 at 19:20
In Response to: Q (Kim Henkel)

> > But since it was implemented I have had many ZTree "crashes",
> many of
> > which the ZTree window disapears and the ztw64.exe consumes all of a
> > core.
> Ben, is this running under conhost.exe or terminal?


I use conhost.exe, no tabs, and to be sure I checked Task manager Processes tab, which has a "Console Window Host" under the ZTreeWin process.

This is my commandline
"C:\Program Files\ZTree Windows\ZTW64.EXE" /M /Y /ZB /ZM /ZV%AppData%\ZTreeWin\%COMPUTERNAME%.ZLOG

My previous testing using Terminal tells me that ZTree and Terminal are currently not good friends.

Let me know what I can do to help you fix the issue(s) when running under conhost.exe.

Or if you need I can switch to Terminal to help you with those issues.



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