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[Bug] Rar use and Dir copying   [Zeta]

By: John Leslie       
Date: Sep 05,2023 at 15:19
In Response to: [Bug] Rar use and Dir copying (John Leslie)

> (1) I forget whether this used to be an issue (I very rarely open
> RAR files in ZTW), but "O"pening an image inside an Alt-F5ed RAR file
> using the latest DLLs extracts the file to (for example):
> C:\Users\johnl\AppData\Local\Temp\ZTMP000\tmpB803.tmp\image.jpg
> But passes the path:
> C:\Users\johnl\AppData\Local\Temp\ZTMP000\image.jpg
> To the Image viewer, which then points out its unhappiness.
> I should mention that I'm using the fixed DLLs from RarLabs:
> UnRAR .dll 291,928 1-08-23
> UnRAR64 .dll 346,200 1-08-23
> (2) I have mine set to copy files using Windows (C:\ZTW\ZTW64.EXE /XT
> /L1 /XP /ROWS:50 /COLS:96 /APIT ) and it then touches up the last
> accessed dates to what they were before, simulating the built-in
> behaviour.
> However copying in Dir mode is interesting as instead of copying the
> files it throws the directory name at Windows and you get a Windows
> dialog for each dir it copies (sequentially, not all at once). However
> afterwards all the last accessed dates for the files are today as they
> haven't been tweaked. Is it a Zep to get those handled the same as for
> file copying, or is it a bug, I'm leaning to the latter as fixing that
> date is a ZTreeWin feature I think.
> All the best!

P.S. In case not clear this was Tagging and Alt-C-opying the directories, Alt-M-irror on one dir does fix the dates.


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