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Pics please   [Zeta]

By: Steve Rawling     Sydney  
Date: Sep 10,2023 at 12:55
In Response to: Pics please (Kim Henkel)


What is happening is the slider bar on right side of window is not moving up or down when I use the up down arrows. I suppose one shouldn't expect it to do so :(

Anyway, here is the first jpg which shows the curser in DW and shows the top file in FW to be ZTWbug.jpg

The second jpg shows when I hit enter to go into FW. Note that the top file ZTWbug.jpg is not visible although it should be displayed when I hit ENTER. I can bring the curser in view by using DOWN ARROW

Note on second image that the slider bar on left of window is not at top and cannot be moved by the UP ARROW




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