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[Comment] The zlog corruption bug.   [Comment]

By: Teklek       
Date: Sep 26,2023 at 21:37

The 2 zlog files referenced below were saved while the logged state was identical, the only difference being the corrupt version (TEMP.ZLOG) was created after starting Ztree (without an existing temp.zlog) and after loading an existing non-default named zlog (TEMP.ZLOGe), i.e. both zlog files had the same file size.

Fig. 1 shows the correct stats:

Fig. 2 shows stats following the loading of the corruptly-written TEMP.ZLOG (which invariably crashes Ztree at some later stage). Note the "logged" stats and current dir's stats remain accurate, while the "matching" and "tagged" stats go stratospheric:

Comparing the corrupt zlog with the good version showed that the former was peppered with "BB 28 25 76" hex strings before each of the stored file names, which in the good TEMP.ZLOGe were always zeroes.


(full-sized version of above pic -> https://ibb.co/Y0NQmhV


(full-sized version of above pic ->https://ibb.co/1M4BXW5

Hope this helps.


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