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Anyone else have blank directory names? (nomsg)   [Zeta]

By: BSmith       
Date: Oct 17,2023 at 20:59
In Response to: Anyone else have blank directory names? (nomsg) (Kim Henkel)

Yes. I found ZTreeWin 2.4.215 was unusable and had to revert to 2.4.214.

My upgrade process: shut down 2.4.214, unzip all of the update files into my 2.4.214 folder, start 2.4.215 (saw the usual display) then used Alt-F10 and F3 to save the settings.

Although the initial display looked OK:

and I could highlight a directory as usual:

pressing ENTER did not work:

When I highlighted the AMD directory again and pressed ENTER this error message appeared:


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