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[Help!] Window Positioning   [Help!]

By: David Wall       
Date: Oct 24,2023 at 08:06

I have a reasonably large screen - 22inch which when using /MAX with ztree gives me sizes of Window size & Buffer - 210 wide & 83 high which is fine with the following
The Left side of the display loses half of the first character - probably because the
Window Position gets set to Left -4 (as does the Top -4).
If I change the Left Position to -3 via properties then the Left screen displays fine but of course the Right Screen now loses characters and the parameters don't save.

How do I set these parameters permanently ??.

I tried /MAX[:+0:-2] but there appears NO change to either screen width or position.

I'd really like to just adjust the Screen Position Left to -3.


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