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[Bug] Still losing the ZTree window on screen restores   [Zeta]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Oct 25,2023 at 19:38
In Response to: [Zeta] v2.4.215 Now Available! (Kim Henkel)

I'm still getting the ZTree window disappear, and the ztw64.exe take all of a core in the background issue.

This often happens on resizing or returning to a Citrix VDA session, I'm sure there are other cases that cause it.

I normally have a single long lived ZTree instance running, with CO-2A=MAX:-4, CO-2B=MAX:-2, CO-2L=Proportional, CO-3P=No, Split mode enabled.

Is there anything I can do to help you find and fix the cause?
Possibly some verbose logging option.

On returning from JFC with CO-1E=tfc64.exe -s+, the display is often garbled (wrapped), should a forced full redraw be done on returning from external console apps, or more efficiently, just detect the console has changed and force a full refresh.



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