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See Rename Mask Rules and Examples   [Help!]

By: Anibal Blanco     Bariloche - Argentina  
Date: Sep 26,2000 at 21:00
In Response to: help - rename problem (Leonard R. Miller)

> Another thing -- what's the magic of those "
> " characters in this renaming task?
> Len Miller

Hi Len,

From the ZTW.HLP file:

3.2 Filename Mask Options
To insert new characters into either section of the filename, enclose them
within the < > symbols.

For a clearer explanation with examples, see the following thread started by John:

Use of < > symbols are detailed in
Rename Mask Rules and Examples:
11. A pair of less-than and greater-than signs enclose characters which are to be
inserted in that position of that section of the name.

Is this what you were asking, Len? I hope this helps.

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