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Help:serious problem-repeated crashes   [Help!]

By: Steve Rawling     Sydney  
Date: Sep 29,2000 at 11:52

No time to contibute to the gender bender thread. Serious problems developing for young Steve

This is weird. I suspect my system but here is the problem anyway. Any suggestions welcome.

I highlight a file, any file.
enter(to accept the default)
ZTW.EXE performed an invalid memory access.

Module Name: ZTW.EXE

Application Name: Ztw.exe

Same thing happens Using Move

Same thing happens with move or copy if I hit Tab instead of Enter

I can delete a file OK

I can rename a file OK

I do it repeatedly. I get a crash

I reinstall ztw1.47r2.exe I still get a crash

I load ztw147r I still get a crash

I use explorer copy and move OK

I have experienced ztw crashes over the last few weeks( ever since 147R) about once a day but havent been able to remember what I did to cause it nor could I duplicate it before today.

I'll next check for viruses with a new dat file

Here is my cfg file

Disk logging

5 Disk logging method Root Only

6 Log files in disk root No

7 Number of lines 25 Lines (25/28/34/43/50/60)

8 Date format dd-mm-yy

9 Time format 23:14

A Scroll bars _

B Numeric format 1,234,567

C File display Longnames

D Sort method Date

E Sort order Descending

F Small file window access Bypassed


G Enter key invokes view No

H Headers printed by default On

I Invert file tags with space key No

J Use Trashcan by default for Delete

K Display lines between filenames No

L "<" & ">" include specified date/size Yes

M Treat leading "." as "*." Yes

N Treat trailing "*" & no "." as "*.*" Yes

O Override attributes (F2 Default) No

P Prune confirmation PRUNE

Q Quit confirmation No

R Rename protection (Confirm/Attributes) None

S Skip Alt-Copy/Move sorting by path Yes

T Brief eXecute command headings No

U Hide System/Hidden directories No

A Leading '@' omits command from history No

B Highlight the default input values No

C Tree window highlight bar Fixed

D Prevent edit command on read-only files No

E Rename/new-date set +A attribute Yes

F Rename function - Tab case mode Name & Extension

G History saves one character entries No

H History window wraps around with arrows No

I Viewer - disable display mode detection No

J Viewer - Search hit movement Hit

K Tree display - condensed width Yes

L Restore file position after Ctrl-function Yes

M Maintain file position in each directory No

N Maintain last file view for each drive Yes

O Allow access to empty directories No

P Prevent auto-relogging of directories No

Spell Searching

A File/directory name spell search No

B Reassign + - and * for spell searching No

C Reassign < > and ? for spell searching No

D Reassign [ and ] for spell searching No

E Display current search string No

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