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ZTreeWin HTML Help Manual is On-Line   [General]

By: Juergen Hestermann       
Date: Mar 13,2001 at 04:58
In Response to: ZTreeWin HTML Help Manual is On-Line (Jim Farnsworth)

> I'm happy to announce the availability of the
> on-line
> HTML version of the "ZTreeWin Help
> Manual". There's
> also a download link so that you can have a
> reference
> copy on your own system.

> Putting the Manual into HTML format makes it much
> easier to change, add, and generally control all
> aspects of the help documentation. We all want to
> see
> the improvement and expansion of ZTree's help
> documentation. Anyone who feels that they have
> sufficient understanding and expertise in a
> particular
> function to be described is encouraged to
> contribute to
> this continuing effort.

> Kim will be using the information added to this
> document to enhance future versions of ZTree so I
> think
> it's important to all of us.

> the online manual is at:
> http://home.wi.rr.com/jimfarnsworth/ztree/manual.html
> JimF

Yes, nice to read. Although I think I know quite a lot about Ztree I am just reading a bit to find some undiscouvered features. In the past some things where implemented without me noticing them.
Thereby found an error:

In file 3-4.htm it says

Ctrl-End First branch
Ctrl-Home Last branch

Should be vice versa I think.
And in non-split mode TAB and Shift-TAB can be used as an (much better) alias for Ctrl-PgUp/PgDn. Should be mentioned there.

And why is the dir navigation put into *input* navigation? Is there a page only explaning dir/file navigation?


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