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[BUG] At The Risk Of IncurringThe Wrath Of Kahn...   [Bug]

By: Frances Wohlfelder       
Date: Sep 05,2001 at 15:53

How's that for an attention grabbing subject title? ;-)

There is still a bug in the entering of passwords when viewing / extracting from password-protected archives.

(1) If the Insert key has been hit such that the PC is in Type-Over-Mode, if you paste a password from the clipboard, a row of ****** gets entered just as if you had entered the password manually. Fair enough.

(2) However if the PC happens to be in Insert-Mode, the password is revealed if you use copy and paste.

Whatever people's feelings are about entering passwords using copy and paste, it is at least fair to say that behaviours (1) & (2) are inconsistent.

-- Frances

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