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[ZEP] Spinner more often.   [ZEP]

By: Juergen Hestermann       
Date: Sep 07,2001 at 23:19

I often log a large number of files on several drives. If I then i.e. collapse all second level dirs on all drives and toggle between drives with , and . it takes quite a long time 'till ztree has finished this command. There are are also other cases were suddenly a significant delay happens because of the large number of files (i.e. tagging/untagging).

But there is no spinner to show that it is working. This does not matter as long as the number of files is small but if it gets large it's a bit anoying and I sometimes tend to type the command again because I am not sure whether it was accepted. Then I have to wait even longer to get back where I wanted.

Also, I find that the spinner is not a good eye catcher. I often overlook this very small character that sometimes even does not rotate (or just very slowly) because the PC is overloaded. I would much more prefer that the whole command menu on the bottom will be cleared and only reestablished if commands are accepted again. Stuffing keys into the keyboard buffer is still possible of course but I would see immediately that my command was recognized.

Anybody else having the same problems?


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