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[Help File] Grammatical Consistency   [Help!]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Jan 27,2002 at 01:47
In Response to: [Help File] History entries picking (Michael Kahn)

> You need to consistently use either "Select", "Fix",
> "Paste" or "Selects", "Fixes", "Pastes".
> To match "Jump" and "Remove", then you need to use the
> former. The style used should also be the same as used elsewhere in the help
> file.

Excellent point, Michael. The entire help file should be reviewed for this, for the most professional, grammatically consistent, result.

This is a matter of the "mood" of the verbs, either "indicative" or "imperative". In simpler terms, it means either saying what a key does, (indicative), or saying what you do with a key, (imperative). Most of the help file is imperative, or says what you do with a key, such as sections 2.2 and 2.3.

Section 2.1 has a mix. E.g., it starts with, "ESC - The ESCAPE key cancels an operation", rather than, "Esc - Cancel an operation".

I like the imperative form best. It's usually shorter, and most of the help file is already in this mood.

- John

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