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[Help file] cleanup- bookmarks   [Help!]

By: Steve Rawling     Sydney  
Date: Feb 14,2002 at 06:39
In Response to: [Help file] cleanup (Slobodan Vujnovic)

Another issue for the current ZTW.HLP maintainter:

I feel the bottom sentence shown in bold below should be added to the hlp file section 1.3

*As you navigate and open directories (or branches) to view file information,
*ZTree automatically maintains a list of 'bookmarks' which represent the 10
*most recently 'visited' directories. Use the bookmark navigation keys [ & ]
*(or Alt-Left & Alt-Right) to visit each directory in the list.
*Using the bookmark navigation keys from within a file window will take you
*to the previous or next bookmarked directory, and open the file window
*automatically. This makes it extremely useful to toggle quickly between
*groups of files in different directories.
*Note that as you move between bookmarks with the navigation keys, the
*order of the list is not changed. The MRU (most recently used) directory
*is always the last one 'visited' from the directory tree.
*To remove the current directory from the bookmark list, hit Ctrl-[.
*To remove ALL bookmarks in the list, hit Ctrl-].
*Note that the bookmark list is a temporary list that only exists for the
*current session, and will be empty the next time you run ZTree. For a
*permanent 'bookmark' to a certain directory, refer to the Treespec function.
*Press F11 to see the current bookmark list, from where you may select one
*directly to jump to, or press Del to remove it from the list.

*A bookmarked directory on a released drive will not be accessed with the [,]
*keys, but it will be relogged by selecting it from the F11 list.


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