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Numbering? Categories? Outlining?   [Wiki]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Feb 19,2007 at 11:20
In Response to: Numbering? Categories? Outlining? (Tom Foote)

> Besides numbering, perhaps we should also consider placing them into
> categories of improvement (e.g., macros, F9 menu, display, copying &
> moving, etc)--or, even use an outlining function, if one is available with
> this particular wiki software--where like items can be grouped with like
> items (preferably by their authors?).

> Or should we cross those bridges when we come to them? (Perhaps the list
> will not be so long. No?)

> Laurent, what do you (and others) think?

It's a wiki, so if you feel numbering, categorization or outlining is worth it, just edit the page and do it.

For the moment the list is too short for any worthy categorization IMHO, but whatever is added to the wiki can always be easily rededited, reformated or reorganized in time if requiered.

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