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By: Liviu       
Date: Feb 26,2007 at 06:57
In Response to: Try next build (Kim Henkel)

> I couldn't duplicate this - Was this View or Alt-F5 first, or either? ;-)

From a fresh start, Alt-F5 would give "Error: Archiver returned []" and View would simply display a blank window (no dump, like in pre .rc21). First doing a View or Alt-F5 on a plain RAR would then allow the SFX to be viewed / extracted fine.

I had CO5D set to 'view' for this test (usually it's at 'none' here). Running xp.sp2, please let me know if there's any more info I can provide.

> We can do that, but I since unrar.dll is supplied, it's obviously expected
> to be available.
> I can make the code drop through to use a command line executable from
> ARCHIVER.BB2, but should there be NO warning about unrar.dll?
> I suppose if a user had a good reason to never use unrar.dll, then they
> would not ever want to see a warning, but for other users, it may be
> confusing.

Not sure I have a good answer to that. On one hand, if I've deliberately renamed or deleted unrar.dll (for example, to test a new version of the command line rar.exe) I'd expect the BB2 to take effect. On the other hand, if users with unrar.dll in place have it fail loading for other reasons (e.g. access denied, or mismatched .dll's) then it makes sense that there'd be a warning.

Maybe a compromise could be to pop the warning once per session, then use the BB2 setting if available?


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