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Help: Rename Mask   [Help!]

By: Andrew Watson     Perth, Western Australia  
Date: Apr 26,2000 at 09:22

I'm back from our Easter holiday. We covered 1700km in 5 days. Not hard in Western Australia when, if you head north on the main highway from Perth, the towns are 300km (Dongara), 100km (Geraldton), 60km (Northampton) and 140km (Kalbarri) apart. We followed the coast so there are a few small settlements in between. We came home via the inland road through the wheatbelt so there are towns every 60km (1 day's ride apart).

We camped in the bush every night. No wimpy caravan parks for us. It was clear and about 30C the whole weekend.

Enough of the geography lesson, let's get down to ZTree business.

I took the work digital camera away with me. I took over 200 photos. That's more than I took on a 6 week holiday last year. When you have to pay for processing you are a lot more circumspect. With a digital camera you can just blaze away. Every photo opportunity becomes a panoramic series.

Halfway through a day I had to change "films". The photo numbering scheme reset itself so the afternoon photos sort before the morning shots. I want to rename all the photos on the second "film" so they sort after the earlier shots.

I've looked at the incrementing number rename mask options but I decided I needed some help to work it out. Can someone help please? What I would like to see is a general explanation of all the options available in rename rather than just the specific answer to my question, though I'd like to see that too.

What I want to do is rename all the photos on the second "film" so that the numbers follow on from the numbers on the first film.

First "film"


Second "film"

P4230001.JPG to become P4230089.JPG
P4230051.JPG to become P4230139.JPG
P4250120.JPG to become P4230208.JPG

The reason there are more photos on the second film than on the first is because the stupid camera (Olympus C-900 Zoom) somehow reset itself to low res (640*480) twice and I didn't notice immediately.

Andrew Watson

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