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versitile help files for awesome functionality   [Help!]

By: Ken Meece       
Date: Apr 27,2000 at 10:29
In Response to: Rename Mask Rules Revision 1 (Jim Wilson)

> Good Lord, it gets more elaborate?! After viewing
> this thread I am certain of one thing; this is an
> exceedingly powerful function....
> for sure the help
> file needs to explain the capabilities in far
> greater detail.

> Jim

i agree. for marketing purposes, the help file is very important.

i've tried to explain ztw to some folks, and what i find intuitive and wonderful they find daunting, bewildering and threatening. and the help file as is doesn't relieve the anxiety.

maybe somebody with some great writing skills on this forum could volunteer to work on the help file.

i work in a large organization and we've benefitted immensely from good writers' work on suff that we all thought was great -- even the %*&^!*& interdepartmental phone list became useful when someone who knows how to write and layout information for maximum useability fixed it up.

i dunno, Kim, what your plans may be for the help file specifically of marketing generally. but maybe, just maybe, no guarantees, someone who loves your product and is good at writing / layout could improve the help file's or help system's accessibility, and thus the usesr friendliness of the program as a whole. or maybe just hiring someone to do the job would be the way to go. i dunno, but that's my $.02.

meanwhile, what i've done is copy the posting on rename masks as a txt file in the ztw directory, and now put a dir-command view named history command to view it quickly and easily. i've done that also with the macro syntax, keyshelp, etc. these quick access summaries are helpful, to me and expecially to new users i introduce ztw to. -- maybe "built into" or distributed ztw could be a small series of helpful summary help files that can simply be viewed with ztw view. these could be improved from time to time, kept up to date with new developments, and easily distributed with the betas.

i could send the files i use to anyone who wants to use and improve them. maybve victor could set up a special parrt of the forum with help files folks could up and download....

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