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same pane dest navigation: better, and ZEP   [Release]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Jul 19,2007 at 15:10
In Response to: Congratulations! (Hartmut Schneider)

Especially one change improves working with ZTree considerably:
the change in the 'copy-to F2' behaviour.
I mostly work in Split mode. Actions concerning the Other Pane have been well-supported.
But copy to a location on SAME pane was often confusing, as there was no key sequence to open the F2 browser window on *current* dir. I often was tempted to close split-mode (drawback, loses a lot), or I had to navigate back to current dir, at least by < or > .

Now it has been simplified:
in the Copy-To prompt, we now can simply type
- TAB (to fill the input line with the current dir on SAME pane)
- F2 (now opens the tree at the input line's location)
- Up/Down to navigate to SAME pane's neighborhood
This has become much clearer and simpler now.
Thanks, Kim!

BTW, it would be even more direct if a single "." in the dest input line
would as well be interpreted as "current dir on same pane". (ZEP)


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