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Welcome to the ZTreeWin forum ...

This is the official ZTreeWin Forum and we'll be pleased to see your comments and bug reports. Here are some Commonly-Used Abbreviations and description for every Forum category.

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Forum Category Keywords
[BETA] Beta release announcement, posted only on this forum by Kim.
[Bug] Error in ZTree.
[BugList] List of errors in ZTree, preferably numbered for reference.
[Comment] Comments about ZTree, without any wish or proposal.
[Discuss] Request for discussion about a ZTree related issue.
[Docs] Notices related to ZTree documentation.
[Forum] Comments and tips regarding this forum.
[Forum Bug] Error in this forum.
[General] General topic.
[Help!] Requests for help with ZTree and related software.
[Humor] Humor Therapy for ZTree users.
[Notice] Notices related to ZTree or other software products.
[Opinion] Statement of opinion regarding a ZTree related subject.
[OT] Off Topic, (or Other Topic), not related to ZTree or this forum.
[Poll] Request for opinions or other information.
[Q] General questions about ZTree and its usage.
[Release] Official release announcement, posted only on this forum by Kim.
[rpVT] Comments and tips regarding rpVT viewer
[Tip] Explanations of ZTree and other related software.
[Vote] Request for a vote on a ZTree issue.
[Wish] Desire for a feature, not usually including a specific solution.
[WishList] List of desires for features, not including specific solutions.
[ZEP] ZTree Enhancement Proposal, usually including a specific solution.
[Zeta] ZTree pre beta releases, posted only on this forum by Kim.

ZTree Related Abbreviation
BSG Branch/Showall/Global file windows.
CO Configuration option.
DW Directory window.
EFW Expanded file window.
FC Feature creep.
FI Filter indicator.
FS Filespec.
FW File window.
LFN Long file name.
MRU Most recently used.
NFW Normal file window (not BSG).
SFN Short file name.
SFW Small file window.
TO Tags only.
TS Treespec.
YACO Yet another configuration option.

Commonly Used Abbreviations
AAMOF As a matter of fact.
AFAIC As far as I'm concerned.
AFAIK As far as I know.
ASAP As soon as possible.
BTW By the way.
FWIW For what it's worth.
FYI For your information.
HTH Hope this helps.
IAW In accordance with.
IIRC If I remember correctly.
IMO In my opinion.
IMHO In my humble opinion.
IMNSHO In my not so humble opinion.
IOW In other words.
JMHO Just my humble opinion.
KISS Keep it simple, stupid.
LOL Laugh out loud.
MO Modus operandi (Mode of operation).
OTOH On the other hand.
PITA Pain in the "after".
ROTFL Roll on the floor laughing.
RTFM Read the "freak'n" manual.
SOL "Surely" out of luck.
TBD To be determined.
TBHWY To be honest with you.
TIA Thanks in advance.
TLA Three letter abbreviation.
YMMV Your mileage may vary.

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