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[BUG] alignment of ext in FW   [Zeta]

By: Steve Rawling     Sydney  
Date: Jul 15,2008 at 20:04
In Response to: [BUG] alignment of ext in FW (Juergen Hestermann)

> Are you sure about that? It looks as if they are different. The distance
> of the extensions from the sizes is larger on 2.06.

Yes I am sure they are the same. Take another look Juergen. What is different is the amount of white space between the end of the file base and the start of the file extension. Version 2.06 has those extensions starting 5 characters before version 1.72

So my question is this. What is happening to those 5 spaces?

> Yes. And in this case Ztree already makes use of an otherwise empty
> extension column as it would with "right justified" extensions
> ;-)

So does that mean that in version 2 Kim has partially implimented your long wished for ZEP( its a good ZEP too IMO)


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