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Windows problem?   [Zeta]

By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: Jul 16,2008 at 05:30
In Response to: [Bug] Other strange things with long paths (Juergen Hestermann)

> There are other strange things happening when I try to work with the
> longest path I could create:

> 1.) If I use this long path as target path for copy I get "path does
> not exist, create?"

> 2.) When trying to log the content of this long path I get a "path
> not found" error. Answering "Skip" lets Ztree crash.

I had the same issues; could create a 401 character path, but not log it afterwards. ZTreeWin crashes after any answer (Cancel, Retry or Skip).

Before trying to log the long path, I'd made a ZLOG.TMP; but that now causes ZTreeWin to crash when starting up. :-)

The strange this is, I then tried to shorten its name using the Explorer, but... that also can't read the last directory. It doesn't crash on it, though.

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