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Alternative proposal for Alt+Release menu   [Zeta]

By: Juergen Hestermann       
Date: Jul 17,2008 at 02:17
In Response to: See the Wiki Wishlist #70 (Kim Henkel)

> The option becomes: " RELEASE: All except (yes ) This drive "
> which (obviously?) releases all drives except the current drive.

I don't think that this is "obvious". Why this yes/no toggle? The sentence itself doesn't change significantly. I see now how it is meant but the words are confusing. When a user is seeing this for the first time he needs extra explanation to understand it. The two sentences

"RELEASE: All except yes This drive"


"RELEASE: All except no This drive"

are not telling me anything. I am wondering in which case "This Drive" is *not* released. Why does the "All except" stand there even when only releasing "This drive"? I would expect to see the two sentences

"RELEASE: All except This drive"


"RELEASE: This drive"

What I would suggest is a toggle between these two first lines:

RELEASE: All except [t]his:
RELEASE: [T]his:

and then having these two second lines:

[D]rive(s) Current dri[v]e [B]ranch [F]iles in branch [C]urrent directory

Current dri[v]e [B]ranch [C]urrent directory

That allows the user to select the following function names:

RELEASE: This: Drive(s)
RELEASE: This: Current drive
RELEASE: This: Branch
RELEASE: This: Files in branch
RELEASE: This: Current directory
RELEASE: All except this: Current drive
RELEASE: All except this: Branch
RELEASE: All except this: Current directory

which IMO explains much better what will happen than the current function names:

RELEASE: All except no Drive(s)
RELEASE: All except no this drive
RELEASE: All except no Branch
RELEASE: All except no Files in branch
RELEASE: All except no Current directory
RELEASE: All except yes this drive
RELEASE: All except yes Branch
RELEASE: All except yes Current directory



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