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Alternate Alternative Alt+Release Menu   [Zeta]

By: Juergen Hestermann       
Date: Jul 18,2008 at 18:25
In Response to: Alternate Alternative Alt+Release Menu (John Gruener)

> Jürgen, you participated in the original discussion and responded to the
> suggestion.

I didn't follow the whole thread and only answered to one single aspect of a posting from Michael. I was not aware that it lead to a serious change request with such a significant change in the UI. Nevertheless, as Kim wrote in one of his last postings, we can discuss it further when the change is implemented (which is now).

> What about this:
> [O]ther branches
> [N]on-current directories
> So the complete selection set, all immediate, would be:
> [D]rives
> [T]his drive
> [A]ll other drives
> [F]iles in branch
> [B]ranch
> [O]ther branches
> [C]urrent directory
> [N]on-current directories

I must admit that I don't understand this scheme. What happens when typing [O] or [N]? Does this select the corresponding option? How is it shown to the user? Brackets?

What I would like is a more or less comprehensible sentence when selecting functions that describes the function selected. But I have difficulties to understand i.e. "Other branches this drive" or "Non-current directories files in branches".

Maybe it would be easier and way more intuitive to create a pop-up window with a list of all functions to select from. That would avoid these cruide building of function mnemonics. It could also be extended easier. Still we can attach a single letter to each line.

> I think we could easily learn to associate the two new letters with this
> menu verbiage, and avoid the toggle.

I would not object against changing letters if it improves the UI but I don't think it does.

> One issue that hasn't been addressed is whether releasing all other
> directories or branches should apply to other drives. In the current
> implementation they apply only to the current drive. Branches and
> directories on other drives are not released. I think this is probably
> best, given that there are the Global and Showall display options, as well
> as the ability to release [A]ll other drives first if desirable. I think
> this provides the most granularity and flexibility, and is also the safest
> approach.

I agree with that.


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