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Tried using symlink?   [General]

By: Chris F       
Date: Jul 13,2016 at 15:19
In Response to: [General] UNC Paths and Ztree (Keith Gorham)

Rather than mapping to a temporary drive, have you tried instead to create a symbolic link to the mapped folder instead?

md \links
cd \links

mklink /D share1 \\server\sharedfolder1



Directory of C:\links

14/07/2016 01:13 AM <DIR> .
14/07/2016 01:13 AM <DIR> ..
14/07/2016 01:13 AM <SYMLINKD> share1 [\\server\sharedfolder1]

0 File(s) 0 bytes
3 Dir(s) 99,999,999,999 bytes free


Doing the above gives permanent access to the share until the linked folder is removed.
It survives reboots.
ZTree treats it as a standard directory.
Also it doesn't use up a drive letter either.

You can create a "links" folder and put all your links in there, or you can link it anywhere on your file system tree.

(the above requires an admin prompt to work or you'll get an access denied error).

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