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Tried using symlink?   [General]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Jul 18,2016 at 21:49
In Response to: Tried using symlink? (Chris F)

> mklink /D share1 \\server\sharedfolder1
> Doing the above gives permanent access to the share until the linked
> folder is removed.

Yes that method works, and I have used it.
But it needs admin rights to create the link, which for some people is not an option.
And in some environments mapping drives could be difficult, policy config or running out of letters.

If ZTree could log UNC paths, as well as drives, it would make life easier for network admins.
But the issue would be how to define %2="Drive letter". My view is that
if path start with \\ then UNC, then %2 should equal \\server\share
if path start with [A-Z]:, then %2 would equal [A-Z]:


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