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[General] ZTW for Automated Backup?   [General]

By: Steven James       
Date: Sep 10,2016 at 04:37
In Response to: [General] ZTW for Automated Backup? (David Wall)

> > I'd like to perform fully-automated incremental backups of my
> > primary (C:) drive (excluding C:\Windows) every night at midnight.
> I'd
> > probably need to do this using a combination of scripts (.bat/.cmd),
> > macros, and invocation of the Windows scheduler. My intent is to
> > determine if this is feasible (or possible) using ZTW64.EXE. This
> will
> > probably necessitate exploiting ZTW's macro functionality for
> partially
> > logging the drive, performing an Alt-Compare against the destination,
> and
> > finally exercising an Alt-Copy operation for all tagged files
> > (unique/newer/size=differ) - then exit. Before I attempt this
> however, I
> > wonder if such a mechanism already exists? Suggestions in this regard
> > would be appreciated.
> >
> > If successful, I'd gladly share the resultant files for other to do
> > this.
> >
> > S.J.
> Such a mechanism does already exist - it's call Macrium Reflect &
> there's a free version that does all the above.
> Why on earth would you want to try & use Ztree for such a peculiar job.

Interesting question. I spend a lot of time in ZTW. When "Run as Admin", ZtreeWin can accomplish some real magic, fast. No need for proprietary software when all files are readily accessible. I use Paragon (poor choice) for image backups, and can usually extract data when necessary. But that hassle alone justifies my question, does it not?
Would I stake my life on image backups (especially incrementals)? I relied on Ghost for a critical restoration; ALL the backups were corrupted. Ghost CHOKED when I really needed it despite multiple archives (hence, Paragon). Why place confidence in yet another when nearly a million files are at stake? My DISTRUST with drive image software is the reason for my inquiry.
Given the ubiquity of terabyte drives, why not copy all data files incrementally? I can put some confidence in imaged system files -- or not. But data files? Not really.
Recording a macro should accomplish two thirds of this task. It's the *unattended* invocation and execution that I'm wondering about, and whether anyone has already done something like this. I can think of other uses for this kind of strategy.

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