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[General] Unusual video shift while logging large branch   [General]

By: Paul Laufer       
Date: May 18,2017 at 19:00

Sometime in the last couple of months I have noticed while logging a large branch or drive that Ztree will perform an odd video jump, where the program itself seems to shift to the left and up a couple of characters while it's logging the drive/directory. When it's done logging it usually shifts back and seems to be normal, though sometimes it remains in an abnormal position and then straightens itself out when I begin interacting with it.

I can't say for sure what version this started with, but I just updated from 2.4.170 to 2.4.171 this AM and it did not solve the issue.

The problem happens whether or not I'm maxed out (ALT-F7) or minimized via the same key combo.

In the ALT-F10 2A and 2B configuration I have MAX:-8 and MAX:-4. This has not changed for years, long before the odd behavior started.

My laptop is running 2.3.167 and it doesn't not seem to happen there. I will update the laptop now to see if the behavior changes.

Hmm... the behavior does NOT happen on the laptop even with 2.4.171, so this is some sort of interaction with the video or configuration on my desktop.

Note that the laptop is also set to MAX:-8 and MAX:-4. Let me compare the shortcut properties...

Properties on desktop:
Cursor Size: Large
Buffer Size: 50
Number of Buffers: 4
Font Size: 8x12
Raster Fonts, selected font: Terminal
Layout/Screen Buffer Size: w232, h80
Layout/Window Size, w232, h80
Layout/Window Position, left 22, top 19.
Let system position window is checked.

On the laptop everything is identical other than
Layout/Screen Buffer Size, w=192, h=65
Layout/Window Size, w=192, h=65

Here are images showing the behavior in a minimized and maximized screen.



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