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[General] Unusual video shift while logging large branch   [General]

By: Paul Laufer       
Date: Jul 31,2017 at 03:05
In Response to: [General] Unusual video shift while logging large branch (Kim Henkel)

> Are there any errors caught during the logging?

None reported by Ztree, other than an access denied on a folder in the $Recycle Bin. No errors in the Windows Event Viewer.

> Does the ZTree window retain focus the entire time this operation is
> running?

It's retaining focus now. But after I first read your response and tested it I could swear that it lost focus at the moment it happened. And when the video "popped back" where it was supposed to be the focus didn't return. But now every time I test it the focus is retained during the disk logging.

> > Layout/Screen Buffer Size: w232, h80
> > Layout/Window Size, w232, h80
> Does this match the configured settings you see in '?' DISPLAY

Here's the info from (?)

Cols 232 Rows 80 List height 74
Files/page 74 Name.ext length 157.12
Screen resolution 1920 x 1080

> What is the 'Run:' setting in the shortcut (Normal window?)

Target: C:\Ztree\ZTW64.EXE
Start in: C:\

I'm sure it has something to do with my multiple monitor setup. If I start Ztree, which always starts on Monitor 1, and then move it to a different monitor (say 2 for example), shortly after starting a big disk logging operation Ztree "appears" back on monitor 1, with the disk logging operation visible there on the monitor 1 shadow copy, and the copy on Monitor 2 appears frozen. Eventually when the video fixes itself the copy of Ztree on Monitor 2 updates to show the logging status, and the Ztree that was showing back on Monitor 1 is still there, though can't be interacted with. If I bring another program in front of the shadow copy on monitor 1 it then it goes away.

I've noticed that other "Windows" programs seem to remember which monitor they were on when they close, and they go to their last known monitor upon starting. Ztree always appears on Monitor 1 when it's started.

I'm at your service if there's anything I can do to help figure this out. I can reproduce the issue every single time I log a disk if you need to see it happen. I have a subscription to GoToMeeting and also Webex.

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