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i figured this out with EDIT.BAT in Co1A, seems like a wonderful day again   [ZEP]

By: Ryan       
Date: Sep 02,2017 at 03:15
In Response to: i probably mislead you, my wish was how to not to edit certain files (Ryan)

A editor: c:\EDIT.BAT in Co1A

@echo off
SET P2=C:\Programs\IrfanView\i_view32.exe
SetLocal EnableExtensions EnableDelayedExpansion

FOR /F %%V IN ('ECHO %1 ^|FIND /I /C ".BAT"') DO (SET K1=%%V
IF !K1!==1 %P1% %1

FOR /F %%V IN ('ECHO %1 ^|FIND /I /C ".TXT"') DO (SET K1=%%V
IF !K1!==1 %P1% %1

FOR /F %%V IN ('ECHO %1 ^|FIND /I /C ".BMP"') DO (SET K1=%%V
IF !K1!==1 %P2% %1

i need to replace "|" and "Find" with something faster, pipe and find commands are known to be too slow.

a batch master could help me out on the fastest working bacth to avoid certain strings for my EDIT.BAT

i dont really need bmp mp3..etc to work and link here, except if i really want to edit pictures and etc --> this will goes to my EDIT1.BAT

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