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[General] Access SAMBA location   [General]

By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: Apr 30,2018 at 09:20
In Response to: [General] Access SAMBA location? (MBolvary)

> I know I can make links to network drives and access them that way
> but can I somehow access SAMBA links like a network share? Or an FTP
> address as well?
> Probably stupid question but I want to be able to copy from my topfield
> recorder and it can only do samba and I don like using windows explorer,
> it is so limited.

Samba shares are basically Windows Network shares, just open source reverse-engineered instead of built by Microsoft. You can map them from within ZTreeWin like any other network mapping, by pressing [L]og drive, [F4] Map network drive. This will open Windows' regular Map Network Drive dialog, where you can choose a drive letter, and enter the UNC path to your Samba share, as well as (optionally) a username and password.

The name SaMBa is a play on the name of the Microsoft SMB (Server Message Block) protocol that underlies the Network File Sharing functionality in Windows.

As for an FTP server, I seem to remember that you need a separate utility to do that. Googling for "mapping an FTP server to a drive letter" should return some useful results.

Anything mapped to a drive letter is accessible using ZTreeWin.


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