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[General] Copy a Full File Path to the Clipboard? CTRL-INS(ERT)   [General]

By: John Baum       
Date: Jun 10,2018 at 15:38
In Response to: [General] Copy a Full File Path to the Clipboard? CTRL-INS(ERT) (Doug Borg)

Thank you Doug Borg,

This is exactly what I requested.

The number of options offered is 'mind-boggling.' The power of ZTreeWin seems limitless; the only limitation I see is my memory (fading with age) and my vocabulary (what to call what I want so I can find how to accomplish the task.)

Thanks for sharing your expertise.

I see (with my failing vision) that I will need to be careful to avoid a serious missed keystroke since the Del key is just below the Ins key on my keyboard, and Ctrl-Del is a powerful tool if any files are tagged.


> Press F1 for the help file
> Go to line 2404 in Section 2.3 (Directory Window Commands - Ctrl)
> and/or
> Go to line 3734 in Section 2.6 (File Window Commands - Ctrl)
> "Ctrl-Ins,(F)ull Path" is the key combination you are looking for. I
> use the color="#003399">Ctrl-Ins,(command) keystroke
> combination many, many times a day for exactly the purpose you describe.
> Hope this helps.

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