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[Help!] Computer malfunction, any idea? (not ZTree related)   [Help!]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: May 01,2020 at 22:34
In Response to: [Help!] Computer malfunction, any idea? (not ZTree related) (Ben Kent)

> Laurent
> Did you have the same peripherals connected at your place?
> As they could be a factor.
> My guess given that the machine is stable at your place is the cause is
> a noisy electrical feed, which a conditioning UPS should be able to tame.

I was going to suggest something similar. If it used to work ok, perhaps the power there is noisier than it used to be, or has more voltage variations than before. Could also be that the power supply has developed a fault and is more sensitive than it was.

Something might also be sensitive to movement, as suggested by Peter Kilmister above. Perhaps in your test period at home, it wasn't being bumped as much? I once had a computer at work that would freeze regularly. I left a script running displaying the current time, to see what time it stopped. It ran ok all night, froze when someone used it. I eventually discovered I could make it freeze by tapping the case. It was on the desk, so sensitive to movement from typing. New power supply fixed it.

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