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power conditioner   [Help!]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: May 02,2020 at 14:59
In Response to: power conditioner (Ben Kent)

> Update
> I did some web searching, and a power conditioner might be a cheaper,
> less maintenance option


I have owned both APC and Cyberpower. The latter being the latest and probably last. The problem is that nowadays these companies don't stand behind their products. No quality control - just read any reviews on any of these units.

The Cyberpower was the 1500 PFCLCD. Ran around $250 or so - currently over $300 easy.

The Cyberpower lasted about two years - then it doesn't warn you the battery may be dying - no it just acts weird - so is it the battery or the unit? I went through that with the APC. Bought a new battery - nope it was the unit. Under warranty? Nope. Will they take back battery? Nope. Throw out the whole thing? Yup.

So here I go again. Is it the battery - do I want to spend $75.00 to find out? On top of that I am disabled so I would need to spend another $25.00 to install what is probably a five minute job.

So hire someone - put the battery in -

doesn't work - is it the unit? The installer? a new defective battery?

Well the only thing I could do given my limited income - it sits on my desk dead as a paperweight. I bought one of those Walmart 10 outlet guaranteed to XX $$ with power conditioning for $35.00. Without the UPS factor though - now I just wait in fear until the next power outage knocks the equipment out wondering if it will come back - the computer that is - not the power. Heck I go through that tension now with every damn windows update.

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