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Thank you all. This is what I did and what I'll do   [Help!]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: May 02,2020 at 20:24
In Response to: power conditioner (Tim Mongeon)

Thank you to all! I read all suggestions with great interest. Some I already tried or investigated and some I don't have the tools or competence required, but I tried quite a few suggested from all of you.

- Cleaned dust (there was little) and inspected motherboard closely (which is sparkling clean) and contacts
- Unplugged and replugged cables and memory module within the computer
- Stressed test CPU and memory for few hours
- Checked Events log
- Plugged with and with power surge strip, and different power cables
- Plugged to different electrical outlets and places.
- Checked CPU temp for long periods of time, both through BIOS and CPU monitoring utility.
- Reformated hard disk and clean reinstalled Windows from scratch

At the end, always the same result: it works sometimes, it doesn't some other.

I finally ordered a new power supply at Amazon, along with two new memory modules and a SSD. I will change the three components at once. An overhauled was due anyway. It should solve the issue. If not, this could point to motherboard or CPU issue. In that case, I would return everything and buy a new computer.

Amazon will deliver ± one week from now.

I'll let you know how things will go. :-)

Thank you again for sharing your suggestions.
I learned many things along the way :-)

Laurent Duchastel

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