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Solved - thank you again to all   [Help!]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: May 09,2020 at 15:30
In Response to: Thank you all. This is what I did and what I'll do (Laurent Duchastel)

> I finally ordered a new power supply at Amazon, along with two new
> memory modules and a SSD. I will change the three components at once. An
> overhauled was due anyway. It should solve the issue. If not, this could
> point to motherboard or CPU issue. In that case, I would return
> everything and buy a new computer.
> Amazon will deliver ± one week from now.
> I'll let you know how things will go. :-)

As soon the new power supply was installed, the issue was solved. I took the opportunity to order a silent one.

And just to be safe, there is a new surge-protected power bar.

New memory modules and SSD improved *significantly* computer by a factor of 5 of 7 (subjectively speaking). A complete boot up went from 3-6 minutes to only 30 seconds, while wake-up from sleep is only 10 seconds now, rather than a whole minute as before. Applications are full launched at the second you click their icon. And with a SSD, clean installing Windows from scratch took 7-10 minutes.

Windows upgrades have been more demanding over the years. What was a good computer four years ago turned as slow as molasse over time. Clean reintsalling OS few months ago did nothing to improved. It didn't help having motherboard GPU requesting 1,2Gb shared memory on 4Gb total (no need for dedicated video card, my father using the computer mostly for email, browser and solitaire). Now with 8Gb on board, what a difference!

Obviously My father is very happy

So a "brand" new computer... for only 190$CDN
Keyboard, mouse and webcam are 15 years old
Monitor, speakers and casing are 10
Motherboard and CPU are 4
Printer is two
Power supply, two DIMMS and SSD hd are brand new.

I really appreciate the flexiblity of full modular desktop.
In comparison, my beloved 2000$ top range Surface Pro being only two years old, as an issue with battery that can be solved. Being plugged-in most of the time, battery holds now charge only for two hours. To solve the issue, Microsoft only offers a swap for a refurbished one at 599$. What a scam.

Laurent Duchastel

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