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[Help!] Long Pathname support   [Help!]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: May 18,2020 at 06:45
In Response to: [Help!] Long Pathname support (Ryan)

> i used win8
> >a long path greater than 260 characters,
> if 260 is the number, then it is the number, i didnt count all the
> letters.
> but i couldnt make a directory name more than 260 letters in it with
> the win-explorer,
> but ztree can add 1 more letter on top of it so ztree makes 261
> lettered directory name.
> it costs more to produce low fat milk than normal milk
> it costs a lot more time to recodec a video than to use its own
> original video's codec to cut, paste and join a video.
> what i am saying is if windows naturally provides 260 chars then just
> use it, or it may cost something more to change it.'

That's just it. In Windows 10 long path names are the new norm for most people. Not in Windows 8, I'm afraid. In Windows 10 though, it still requires turning on the function because Microsoft always introduces new functionality in small degrees sometimes but it has been there since an earlier revision of Windows 10. It works just fine. The Old API was limited to 260 (ok 261 if you say so), but with newer versions of Windows 10 this is the new normal.

At first a lot of third party utilities were slow to embrace it being new and also requiring a re-write of some of their program code, but more and more companies are supporting it.

To me it makes sense. It harkens back to the days when people were afraid to go past the shortened 8.3 name. I have used long pathnames and filenames for ages now and have NOT had any problems. No directory corruption - no filename corruption and No Windows corruption. If I ran into a problem there were the work-arounds or temporarily renaming but it is a needless pain. Windows supports it now - it has been tried and tested.

I would like, though, to see direct support in Ztree. The time has come.

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