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In the meantime...   [Help!]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: May 18,2020 at 11:33
In Response to: In the meantime... (Slobodan Vujnovic)

> Personally, I'm not, and
> probably never will be impacted by
> this limit on my machines, but this may be of some proactive help:
> In the minimal 25x80 display, some of the lines in the
> Statistics Panel are not shown, due to lack of space:
> Attributes_________....
> ___Date_____2019-08-17
> ___Time_______16:11:16
> Today, this should not be an issue, since this info is available
> elsewhere (Alt-I), even if you are stuck in 25x80 for some
> strange reason.
> But there is plenty of space with other geometries to accommodate more
> info about a file, like its length(s)? We already have this in Alt-I:
> Name: amd64_microsoft-windows-p..ne-
> client-overrides_31bf3856ad364
> e35_10.0.18362.295_none_8812b0
> bcb42ef656_power.energyestimat
> ionengine.standbyactivation.pp
> kg_21aafe77
> Length: 161 w/Path: 186
> If these two length values are added to the Statistics Panel,
> and
> highlighted after a certain limit, say, 200, the user may be
> alerted to do something about it. Options include renaming, using
> other tools, etc.

Thank you. I appreciate the response but I am well aware of all of the work-arounds. I really need direct support because identifying long pathnames is not the problem I face. It is opening documents and other materials that are the result of those long pathnames. I need the paths as they are - they are all part of a library and reference system that I set up some time ago.

Again, I thank you for responding.

To others out there -

I would like the direct support in Ztree. With all of the other improvements made to Ztree by user requests I just don't see why people would not want to add this. It just improves upon an already great program. Some would say - and I don't understand this - that Ztree is fine as it is and doesn't need it - but yet they these same people don't mind if they make requests of Kim.

If the function is there - doesn't mean you have to use it - it is just another option like anything else having to do with Ztree. So voting NO with no valid explanation is not any kind of answer - novel not withstanding. And I wasn't asking for a vote by the way - just some assistance - I did post it though on Wish when at the time I did not have any responses.

Personally, I think something as fundamental as a File manager that involves paths and files should support the Windows enabling of long paths and filenames - since it is under the purview of the program's basic function.

Kim what do you think?

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