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[Help!] %7 ?   [Help!]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: May 18,2020 at 14:11
In Response to: [Help!] %7 ? (Laurent Duchastel)

> > I use long pathnames and filenames in my work constantly. I have
> > already set Windows to support long file paths so that isn't the
> > problem.
> >
> > When I go to open a file that has a long path greater than 260
> > characters, Ztree chokes and gives me the irritating error from
> Windows-
> > cannot find file and the subsequent error Unable to open file error
> 1223.
> > I say irritating because I have to close out two error messages not
> just
> > one.
> >
> > This points to Ztree - which I thought had support for long filepaths
> > and names but if it doesn't then I would really like Kim to strongly
> > considering this support or am I missing something (and I usually
> am)?
> I welcome all new features to ZTree.
> I would unfortunately not use that one myself as Microsoft's own
> Onedrive still has issues with anything longer than 260. As almost all my
> files are that cloud, so I have to keep everything under 260 path length.
> Did you try to open LFN file with F9 script with the following:
> %7
> Does it work?

I haven't used the Application menu in many years - truth be told I forgot how. I entered LFN as the title and the %7 as the script and it did work! Now I just have to read up on how to call the menu entry when I need it - or do I have to hit F9 and then select the entry each time? Not too much of a hassle - certainly not compared to what I have to do now, but if I can limit the keystrokes - less is better.

Thanks for really assisting me! I appreciate it.

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